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Boltay Haroof

Our objective is to empower and facilitate the blind community with better acessibility to braille books and bridge the gap between education and the blind community through its braille translation software. Our future developmental plan is to integrate the features of voice character, a dictionary for misspelled words, and a word suggestion algorithm. These features will allow the translation of Braille books faster and give the edge of using this software without any assistance. We will also introduce a feature that allows the embosser to print 1 line of ink and 1 line of braille to help in reading the document for both the sighted and visually impaired.

Bridge Care

BRIDGE has come up with a unique solution to fill the gap between you and your loved ones, and provide you with the best telehealth care solution. Bridge is a successful idea, a telehealth service that provides medical assistance at your doorstep. Bridge also has a team of qualified and certified family Physicians and E-Doctor with extensive experience in running successful COVID 19 tele-counseling and care operations since April 2020. They have aided in the recovery of more than 150,000 COVID-19 positive patients. The bridge team manage health records, supply medicines at their doorstep, give regular medicine reminders, offer bi-monthly visits, ensure the round-the-clock availability of family physicians, and provide chauffeurs or personal assistance in case of clinical visits or medical.


Unsafe and inefficient operations are the major concern of all industries which leads to an increase in routine inspection, resulting in paralyzing the industrial operations, delayed production, and high costs which ultimately reduced overall production efficiency. TactonBiotic builds advanced inspection robots that keep the workers away from workplace danger, also bring down the cost and operation downtime to a minimum, without compromising productivity and efficiency by allowing industries to meet clients’ demands on time.

Creative 3D

Creative 3D is the local manufacturer and service provider of 3D Printers, producing high-quality customizable printers at affordable prices. Creative 3D has 3D Printers that have the capability to manufacture/create any complex design with the help of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Their 3D Printers are affordable and easy to use. They can easily be carried and placed at the office, workplace, or at home. It will help in trade deficit by enabling customers to manufacture/print the products that they were initially importing. Manufacturing from 3D Printer will give rise to the concept of a Customer-Driven Supply Chain and help companies to achieve rapid prototyping, bringing the lead time from months to a few hours.


Nutorforge is a healthier sugar alternative (Xylitol) and environmentally friendly product that is produced from the waste material of corncob. We produce Xylitol from a highly abundant waste material Corncob and utilize corncob for the production of a healthier sugar alternative because xylitol is almost sweet as sugar and is and corncobs are the best source of Xylitol in Pakistan.


Asmeron is a filter-less air purifier that is specially made for purifying and disinfecting the surrounding air from 0.07 microns particulate matter. Asmeron is the world’s first air purifier that can purify viruses, bacteria, and smoke as small as 0.07 microns. The device is equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Asmeron also mitigates climate change by reducing carbon footprints and cleaning the indoor and outdoor pollutants providing hassle-free solutions to air pollution at the most affordable price. It is beneficial for homes, hospitals, and offices to prevent air pollution and infections.