SSKIC Incubation Centre

Our flagship incubation program offers mentoring, facilities and grant opportunities for start-ups that are truly limitless. 

Our Story

Since its inception on 30th June 2020, SSK Incubation Center (SSKIC) provides support and resources to early-stage start-ups. SSKIC has provided a space for visionaries to learn, develop, and refine their concepts while remaining focused on the ultimate goal of bringing life-altering products to market. Our support extends beyond the incubation and commercialization of ideas to include a community that nurtures a love for entrepreneurship and provides a support system for entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges that come with launching a business.

Our Startups

Meet the innovative startups that we have incubated and supported towards success.

Our Mentors

Our experienced mentors offer guidance and support to help our startups thrive.

Behind the Curtain

Learn about our process and how we support our startups from ideation to launch.


Join us in our mission to support the next generation of entrepreneurs by contributing your time, resources, or expertise.

Don’t settle for ordinary – strive for innovation and watch your startup soar to new heights!

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Why Us?

SSKIC serves as a catalyst to enhance the constructed surroundings and stimulate originality. We foster the sharing of concepts, expertise, and perceptions to tackle predicaments and possibilities in all sectors. With an infusion of funds, our startup has successfully broadened its reach and generated fresh job prospects, thereby making a positive contribution to the economy’s well-being.

The 6-month incubation program provides training and mentoring to the selected start-ups on various subjects such as, intellectual & legal protection, digital branding & sales, strategy & product development, and agile project management.

SKK Incubation is a 3-stage cycle as follows:

Stage 1: Pre-Incubation

Stage 2: Incubation

Stage 3: Post-Incubation

Our trainers provide valuable guidance and advice to startup founders to navigate the challenges and common pitfalls as well as provide insights to the industry trends and best practices. 

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