And we have a winner! Shahjehan S. Karim Incubation Center is proud to announce the successful culmination of the Startup Grant Challenge 2022! The 2nd Cohort of the Startup Grant Challenge was announced on February 15, 2022 and resulted in the finals being held on May 21, 2022 with a panel of experienced judges. Shortlisted from over 110+ applicants, nearly 20 Teams presented their pitches and shielded the judges’ questions on how their startup was innovative, sustainable and served the community.

Our esteemed panel of judges included Mr. Furqan Qureshi (Founder, TheFourDees), Mr. Danyaal Z. Abdul Khaliq (Founder & General Partner, Teamup Ventures), Mr. Amr Ali Karim (Executive Director, Morgan Stanley), Mr. Salman Beg (Director, Enterprising Manufacturing Co.), Ms. Faiza Yousuf (Director, caterpillHERs), Ms. Radika Prem Chand (Startup Business Developer, ithought), Ms. Ziana Sakhia (CEO & Founder We are grateful to the support of our esteemed judges and supporters including Mr. Omair Ahmed (President, Salsoft Technologies), Ms. Shaista Ayesha (CEO, SEED Ventures), Ms. Shahnaz Kapadia (CEO, Mera Maan), Mr. Salman Tufail (Executive Board Member, Tufail Group) and our supporters who have enabled the challenge to be pulled of successfully. SSKIC also wishes to appreciate the support of our esteemed management and faculty including the Office of the President, Dr. Shujaat Mubarik, Dr. Munir Hussain, Dr. Samra Javed, and our patron Mr. Mehboob Karim.

The 10 chosen startups will now undergo a rigorous training curriculum and receive access to Rs. 500,000 grants to help convert their idea or startup into a prototype and gain traction in their chosen market. These startups will utilize the funding for critical expenses towards innovation, scalability, and hiring professionals for their goals.