SSKIC Hosts Workshop on Essentials of Startup Launches with Coach Mr. Sheikh Hammad Amjad

The Shahjehan S Karim Incubation Center (SSKIC) hosted a workshop titled Essentials of Startup Launches with Guest Coach Mr. Sheikh Hammad Amjad on August 20, 2022. Mr. Hammad is a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience launching and managing startups as well as coaching startups across Pakistan. The session focused on understanding the fundamentals of business models and hands-on exercises with […]

Description and dosages of testosterone propionate on a steroid course

This ester is one of the oldest and best known steroids on the pharmacological market. Over the years, it has lost none of its relevance and remains as effective as it was and still is for use in sports practice, effective not only for experienced athletes, but also for beginners. Testosterone propionate is a short […]